Missouri Weekend

I didn’t want to mix my photos on this blog, but since I had a few that came out really nice, I thought I’d share.

These are images that could be seen in Lake County, so I think they count!

We stayed at my sister-in-law’s place, backed up to a huge cow pasture. This makes for fantastic sunrise photos! And with the mist that morning, gorgeous!

She’s also got a fairly large garden, and the sunflowers were kind of droopy: sunflower
She’s also got a lot cats running around and I managed to get this one in a relaxed pose. Finally figured out that the AF light really bugs cats, so I manually focused, and ta-da!
cat color cat bwI think it works well in black and white too!

And the reason we went down that way? Besides seeing family, it is becoming a tradition for mud volleyball over Labor Day weekend! Fortunately, this year was the warmest yet, 90 degrees and few clouds. Success!

Kelley boys all, victoriously muddy!

Kelley boys all, victoriously muddy!


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