Stormy Afternoon

It rained today, the first in a couple of weeks.

And it was a storm!

Strangely, the lead-up to it and the afterwards both were longer than the storm itself.

Thunderstorms were predicted for this afternoon, so I was watching the radar. At about 4 p.m., a big yellow and red blotch moved its way south out of Wisconsin. 4:15, it crossed into Illinois.

It was then I started hearing rumbling in the distance, but not just every now and then. It was continuous!

I grabbed my camera and headed outside.

And there were some of the most amazing mammatus clouds I’ve ever seen!

Then the storm moved over, nearly constant flashing, with the occasional bolt making its way under the cloud cover or to the ground. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch a bolt, but it was nice to watch the storm itself.

Then it had passed overhead. Well, at least the rain portion had. After the rain let up, I went to the store-that-shall-not-be-named and there were still lightning bolts flying around. The following edge of the storm was moving south, with blue sky behind, and it was still fascinating!

I apologize for the not-so-great quality of the following images – they were taken with my iPhone 4. Teach me to leave the house without a real camera!

When I got out of the store about an hour later, the clouds were STILL overhead!

And STILL interesting!

Fortunately, there was still a bit to see by the time I got home, but the sun was going down and created an interesting effect:clouds 130830-5643

The clouds had a cameo appearance, white coming out of pale blue. So cool!


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