Fort Sheridan – Misc

So i had a couple of shots that I didn’t get into one of the other posts, so I’m going to post them on their own today.

The feature photo is the bridge over one of the ravines. There was a little trickle of water about 20 feet down, barely above the rocks placed in the bottom to lessen the effects of erosion.bridge BWIt’s not often you see a pedestrian bridge with some sort of support above, here as crossbars.

At one point, before we got to the cemetery, I had to sit down and catch my breath (overheating – it’s a bitch). in the shade of some trees. When I was finally able to continue, I spied an open spot in the underbrush. Upon investigation, I found a concrete pad with this impression:padFrom what I could see, there had been something bolted here, either a foot or a pole or something of that sort. (That leaf was there, I didn’t place it!) We did look around a bit, but we didn’t see any others like it, so it is a mystery for now.

When we got to the other side of the loop, there was an information board, and that was where we learned about the former airfield’s location. This spot was on the north side of the field – was it part of a tower? A flag pole?

And finally, a shot that lines up so perfectly, it almost looks planned:

All roads lead to the Tower!

All roads lead to the Tower!

This is coming up out of a shallow ravine. The trail seems to lead straight on to the Water Tower, though it turns at the top of the hill. Imagine how impressive it would have been with another 60 feet on top!


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