Gurnee Days

This weekend was the annual festival known as Gurnee Days – three days of food, music and fun!

We usually just go on Saturdays, because that is when they have Ribfest, the one time a year the hubby gets ribs (don’t like ’em, don’t cook ’em).silhouette of fun

This year, it was a question mark until the morning of, because it all depended on how my knee felt. Fortunately, everything seems to be healing well and I decided to chance walking around, sans crutch.

So, there was the food.

The music? Live bands all day, topping off with the Modern Day Romeos. Good music, well-played, and perfect for Name the Artist, a game we play in our family.

I didn’t get many photos of the bands, because, well, it was nighttime, and I wanted to listen.

The fun? For me, the opportunity to take photos and connect with some friends we haven’t seen in a while.

I couldn’t move around enough to get people photos, so what I ended up with were shots with interesting lighting.

And to finish off the evening, fireworks!

Unfortunately, I still have not figured out how to take fireworks with my Sony, so they are blurrier than I would like. I may go through the rest of them carefully and see if there are any more salvageable shots, so that might be tomorrow’s post!

BTW, the knee came through fine! I’ll find out Tuesday what the next step will be.


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