Beauty Inside

Even though I did not miss one day of work due to my knee, the folks at the office were very nice and sent me a floral basket!

I think they are Gerber daisies – they are very large and very colorful.

There are three colors: pink:pink 2

and deep red:red daisy

and yellow:yellow

Yesterday I was watering the container in my kitchen sink, and the way the diffused light from the window lit the flowers was wonderful!

I was able to snap off a few shots. Unfortunately, the wilting blooms didn’t perk up after, so these will have to suffice.

Because I wasn’t really happy with the yellow shot, I wondered what it might look like in black and white.

Want to see?

yellow bw

I think I like it better as a black and white – it seems to make the non-focused portions more dream-like.

I liked it so well, I tried a different photo too.

pink color pink bw

I’m not as crazy about it, but I didn’t take the time to outline the flower. If I do that, I can lighten it and keep the background dark.

Project for another day!

If you know for sure if these are Gerber, or something else, please let me know! I’d like to try to keep the plants alive and get them to bloom again, if possible.


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