Rollins Savanna Redux

At the beginning of August last year, we visited Rollins Savanna again.

We were still in the middle of the drought, so everything was way drier than when we had been there before, two months earlier.

This lonely kildeer wandered the dried pond bottom.

This lonely kildeer wandered a dried pond bottom.

I wanted to get another shot of the tree arch, and there was a portion of the trails we didn’t go down the last time, so we went the opposite direction around the loop.

Looking at the photos now, I got a lot of different birds on this hike. Two particular instances have stayed with me.

The first was at the entrance to the additional trail we were going on. A flitting bird caught my eye – it would swoop out over the grass and back to the same branch, where a couple other birds were sitting. Through my camera, I could see it was a parent eastern kingbird feeding some young ones!

feeding time three sitting

We didn’t see any sandhill cranes – they must have moved on since we’d been here – but we did see some egrets and herons, but from a distance.

So that was pretty neat!

The second was on the extra trail. After crossing a bridge, in a patch of thistle, a male American goldfinch flew in and started to take apart a seedhead, seed by seed. He was almost within touching distance, and didn’t seem to see us as he picked his meal.

Unfortunately, I had the zoom lens on, so the focus didn’t hold through the duration of his eating, but a couple shots came out. The feature today the one I consider the best, with the little bit of seed fluff stuck on his beak!

A selection of photos from the rest of the walk shows how many other birds I could catch. There were of course flying swifts and swallows, as we’d been seeing all summer, but I didn’t get a good photo of those.

Tomorrow, we’ll take a look at the landscapes that I got on this walk!


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