First Harvest

Today I harvested the first vegetables out of my garden.


It’s fairly skimpy this year –

–the lettuce seeds didn’t sprout, so I think they are too old

–for some reason, the radishes didn’t make bulbs, so they are just red roots. Maybe those seeds are old too.

–the broccoli is still small, and may not make very large heads. Again.

The parsley is overwhelming everything, the green onions are doing well,  but the tomatoes!

Oh, boy, the tomatoes!

I bought six plants, three Roma, three Better Boy, from Home Depot. They were maybe 8″ tall, and they took off when I planted them.They stand almost three feet now.

Flowers showed up quickly, mostly on the Romas, so I thought those would ripen first.

There are a lot of green Romas!

But, the first ripe red tomato goes to the Better Boys!

And the green beans? harvest 130729-IMG_5261These were dinner tonight!

My little plots will only supplement slightly our meals. I think I would have to plant my whole yard to get enough to actually replace store-bought vegetables!


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