Heron Creek

cattailsWe’re going to take another trip back in time to last summer, and to a little place called Heron Creek Forest Preserve in Lake Zurich. I chose it because it was supposed to live up to its name, being a habitat for various heron species.

At the time, it was still pretty dry, the preserve had little standing water, so no herons.shade tree

We didn’t really see a lot here, but it was a nice easy 2.5-mile loop. So easy, we actually added distance by reversing our path and retracing one of the smaller loops.

We did that certain loop, because the first time through, we spotted a pair of bluebirds flying around the bridge there, and I wanted to see if they were still there. They were!bluebirdAt the same spot, there was this lovely collection of colors, in a dry streambed:wildflowersWe saw a catbird, too, but my picture wasn’t that good.

We started seeing more grasshoppers about this time, and this pair seemed, well, attached:

In flagrante delicto?

In flagrante delicto?

To finish up, a couple of macro shots:


I don’t know for sure if it is Queen Anne’s lace, but a lot of bugs seem to like it!

And I think we’ve seen wild blackberries and raspberries in every preserve!raspberries

10 days to go…


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