Sun Lake

Still catching up with last year’s hikes.

Today, exactly one year later, we visit a medium size preserve, Sun Lake in Lake Villa.

The 629-acre preserve includes oak woodlands and wetlands, including the glacial Sun Lake. Unfortunately, the trail doesn’t pass close to the lake, to preserve its shoreline, but I still found subjects!

landscape 1

Mostly landscapes!

There were a few birds around, but this hawk on the wing was the best one I caught. Goldfinches and tree swallows were in abundance, and a lot of flowers were already seeding.hawk

What was still blooming laid swathes of colors against the green backgrounds. It was cloudy, so the colors aren’t as bright as they might be, but the muted tones give just a hint of color to break up the green.

The trail was a 2.5-loop, with side trails linking up with outside access points. The best view, I think, was this one as you come out of a wooded section on the top of a hill:lake panorama

Out in the distance is Sun Lake. That’s all you can see of it.

But, it makes a nice panorama!

We walked down one path to a subdivision entrance, and next to the path was a huge patch of bee balm full of…BEES!

I tried to get lots of pictures, with them flying around, but this is the only one even close to decent:bees and balm
But even without bees, they made an attractive subject:
bee balm

The main trail looped back around below where I had taken the first panorama, so I wanted to take one looking up the hill:hill panorama

This is the same spot of the feature photo and this one:landscape 2

I couldn’t pick just one of these shots – they each have something to recommend them.

Which do you like?

And to finish off, a butterfly shot!


I don’t think I really comprehended how many little yellow and white sulphur butterflies there are, until I tried to identify the ones I photographed.

I’ve got no idea about this one, nor the flower. If you have a clue, let me know!

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