After the Battle

The reenactment ended about 4 p.m., and so we still had about an hour before the event was over. We decided to walk through the Lake County Discovery Museum, since I was curious and we were

The museum and other buildings were once part of a gentleman’s farm and now house exhibits of significance to Lake County. Their holdings range from the Curt Teich Postcard Archives to Civil War letters to fossils found in the county.

There was a lot to see, especially the “Modern Masters” art exhibit and the history of Lake County displays. It was worth walking through, and I do want to get back to take a look at the postcards. That should be a post for another day!

Outside, the double silo made for an interesting shot, I thought:silo

There is the moon off to the left of the silos

There is the moon off to the left of the silos

As we were leaving, we could see the participants collecting in loose groups, joining with family members to relax and prepare for the evening.evening

It was interesting to see a couple of guys really get into it with a wrestling match, much to the delight of two small observers:wrestle

It was nice, with a great feeling of well-being and camaraderie. It felt like a campground, not just a camp.

I was kind of envious!

So, my overall impression? A very cool, instructive and important event that everyone should see at least once. It’s not just dress-up. These people take their activities seriously and try to be as historically accurate as possible. It opens your eyes to the hardships and realities of our ancestors, our common history as Americans, and, even 150 years later, some truths about the most influential event in this country’s history.

I was glad to go. The hubby? Maybe not as much!



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