Raven Glen 2 – The Lake

On the southwest side of Raven Glen East lies a glacial lake called Timber Lake. Most of it is owned by the Forest Preserve District, but there are some private homes on the west side that still retain lake rights and access. shoreline

It was kind of strange to see, over here, natural scenery and wild growth, and over there, beaches, piers and swimming areas.

There are two fishing piers built out from the trail, which were nice places to rest and let us get nice, up-close images of the lily pads.lilys 2

I was able to really test my polarized filter here, and I was amazed at the difference!

There were a lot of little birds flitting around the water and in the air – both swallows and swifts, though even now I couldn’t tell you which ones. There was one dead tree that had a flock, constantly changing members.

The Birds!

The Birds!

As we left the lake, we could see probably hundreds of birds swarming the grasslands and flying overhead. I couldn’t get a good photo of the fliers, but they did look interesting against the clouds.birds & clouds

And so we left the lake and continued on into the grasslands…


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