So Close…

My cat, Amanda, has never been outside, and has never hunted anything larger than a moth.

So it is pretty funny to watch her go into full stalking mode when a bird comes by the large front window.

A couple of days ago, she came streaking, silently, across the floor and jumped up onto the loveseat back, then jumped into the window with a thud.

She backed up, but still stayed flattened out, tail lashing, ears back.

I got up to see, and there was a female goldfinch, climbing around the seams of the glass, looking for seeds in the cracks.

I wanted to get that shot, but it flew down to the sill before I got my camera.

Still, it was interesting to watch the cat’s reaction to the bird, moving as it moved, using the surroundings for cover.

And the bird? It didn’t seem to realize what was sitting mere inches away! It just sat there, preening!

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