The Last Walk 3

As the final post from the “Last Walk”, this one will be a round-up of wildlife.

So to speak.

Not a lot of birds got to where I could see them, but there was lots of singing and calling. Once again, I find myself wanting to download a bird-call identification app.

There were, however, a couple of great blue herons that stayed close enough to get some good shots.standing heronOn the way up the trail, this one stood calm, but watchful. I was able to get several shots until he decided he’d had enough and flew off.

On the way back, we came on the one in the feature photo. It was so relaxed that it actually hunted while we watched, striking at something, but missing its prey. It stood for a while, looking like it was cleaning out its mouth from the pond scum. We watched a little while after that, but we moved on before it was successful.

As I was going over these photos, I realized that I haven’t seen a lot of different butterflies this year yet, especially the fritillaries like last year. And then I remembered spring was very early last year, and we haven’t gotten to the same point yet, with the milkweeds not yet in bloom. We did see a monarch flit by – I think it was the first one we’ve seen this year.

That said, there were still two notable captures:

A gray copper, I believe, another new one for me!

A gray copper, I believe, another new one for me!

A very nice mourning cloak that let me get a lot of close shots.

A very nice mourning cloak that let me get a lot of close shots.

Mammals were not much in attendance, not even a lot of squirrels.

There was one interesting sighting, however (no, no beavers at all!).

Looking down off Beaver Bridge on our way back, the hubby noticed something in the water, snacking on submerged grasses:muskratA muskrat!

Actually, two, because as we watched, one would duck down and the other would pop up. We almost thought it was just the one, swimming very fast, until we could see two heads above the water at the same time.

I didn’t get a good shot of the two together, but I didn’t think this one was too bad!

So that was it, the last time I got out on a hike, maybe the last one for the summer. I go in for arthroscopic surgery on Aug. 2, just to have some sort of cyst-like structure removed. Fortunately, there isn’t any joint damage, no tears or loose cartilage, but there is still some swelling and pressure.

So it goes.

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