The Last Walk 2

As many times as I’ve walked this portion of the Trail, I find it amazing that I can still find new things to photograph!

Different flowers…different bugs…different greens…seedling reflectionI think maybe the biggest (in more ways than one) surprise this trip was the tree fungi I found.

First was this grouping. I saw the reflection in the water first, and I thought that was cool looking, but I couldn’t get the angle (stupid water), so I had to satisfy myself with this shot:vertical fungusThen, 10 feet off the trail, here is this beauty, about the size of a dinner plate and standing tall atop a tree stump:

How fast do these grow, that I didn’t see it before?

And, today’s final image, one of the last images I took on the walk, a wildflower that I hadn’t seen before, either:

Any ideas?

Any ideas?

Tomorrow, the wildlife (but no beavers)…


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