The Last Walk 1

I’m calling this walk, on the Des Plaines River Trail June 16, the Last Walk, because, well, it was my last walk. At least, it may well be the last one of the summer.

It is this five-mile hike that irritated my knee into swelling up. Fortunately, I got news today that there is no real joint damage, but there will be surgery to remove some tissue that is causing the problems. That’s Aug. 2, so I’ll still be dealing with the swelling for a month. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get out on a path for any great distance until then, and, after surgery, how long it will take to recover.

It looks like the rest of the summer is a total wash.

So here we are, the last images I may capture on a hike this year, and, of course, it’s the Kilbourne portion of the Trail!wildflowersWe wanted to see where the beavers were, and if they stayed around after the flooding. At the Beaver Bridge, we couldn’t see any signs where we had seen them before, but I could hear some water tinkling, like a little waterfall in a stream. Just to the east of the trail is a railroad bed, and under the trestle, we could see a small build-up of brush and sticks, as well as a mound against one support.

gnatcatcherIt looks like the beavers have made themselves a small dam, filling the far pond a little more than before. As to whether the mound is actually their new lodge, I couldn’t say, but it made a convenient perch for several gnatcatchers!

lonely flower

A single flower has found root in a crack on the side of the trestle. It just seems like there is a message here!

And it is about time that I let you see where I’ve been taking a lot of pictures:

Looking up to the 'Beaver Bridge' from near the railroad trestle

Looking up to the ‘Beaver Bridge’ from near the railroad trestle

That is the Des Plaines River out there on the other side of the bridge. This area was totally underwater in April – weird to think of that!


More tomorrow!


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