Rainbow Week-Blue

The hubby is on vacation this week, so I was able to take the car to work. This meant I was able to stop at the grocery store on the way home, something I haven’t done by myself for more than a week.

While I was there, I could look for today’s color – blue!blue 130627-IMG_4600

Since there isn’t a lot of food actually colored blue, I satisfied myself with blue packaging, and when I saw this case of whipped cream toppings, I knew it would be today’s subject!

It was all about the alignment, the straight lines of the stocked product.blue 130627-IMG_4601I wonder what the other shoppers were thinking as I was stretching up, trying to line this shot up! It’s not as perfectly aligned as I really wanted, but being in a hurry and slightly handicapped, it is passable.


Bonus – the clouds were spectacular when I got out of work, as multiple cells were blowing up and moving through the area. I think I’ll leave those for another day’s post, but here is a little taste:blue cloud 130627-IMG_4598


3 thoughts on “Rainbow Week-Blue

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