A Project Put on Hold

So I had started a personal weekly challenge. When Daily Shoot shut down, I saved all of the shooting topics they had tweeted, with the thought of using them for myself.

That was two years ago.

Last week, I figured I’d use them as a weekly challenge, starting on Sundays, since I couldn’t get myself to do it daily. I downloaded a randomiser app, numbered the topics, and, ta-da!  the first one was shooting purple objects. Nice!

Of course, I could only find flowers, but I like them anyway.

This week’s challenge is having a single object fill the frame.


I’ve managed to jack up my knee enough to need crutches, an MRI and possibly some sort of surgical procedure. Preliminary diagnosis is torn meniscus. Result? I’m not too mobile and I don’t know how much photography I’ll be able to do for a while. The walks are definitely out.


So, for today, the current (and only) entry in my Weekly Shoot, the color purple!


3 thoughts on “A Project Put on Hold

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