Ray Lake 3 – End of the Day

So, it was a nice walk, Ray Lake was, quiet and peaceful.

Towards the end, we started seeing more folks walking around, younger kids and people with dogs.

Despite this, I managed to get shots of two new butterflies, as well as all the birds.

The first was the red-spotted purple (feature photo), that flew around and landed right in front of us, slowly flapping and turning as it sampled the roadway gravel.

(There must be some mineral in the surfacing gravel of the trails that they like – we keep seeing them landing and probing the little rocks.)

The second was this pretty little northern crescent, also on the path:northern crescentWe also saw a mourning cloak flying around, but it didn’t land.

I’ll finish up our little tour with a couple of scenery shots that didn’t fit in either of the other posts.

I like fallen trees, and if they have interesting openings, so much the better!tree stump

And lastly, an old fence line, no longer delineating any boundary, graceful in its decrepitude.fence

So that was Ray Lake, a little hidden gem for the summertime and a quiet walk on an overcast day!

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