Ray Lake 1

A week ago Sunday, we visited a new forest preserve, one in an out-of-the-way location.

Ray Lake, just west of the Fremont Township center in Mundelein.

It was part of a cattle ranch in the past, as demonstrated by the sign:

The original Ray Farm statue, mounted at the gate

The original Ray Farm statue, mounted at the gate to the preserve

It is the only sign we’ve seen so far that doesn’t match the others in the district.

There were lots of birds here, and many wildflowers blooming. I think I’ll make the birds their own post, since I have a lot to say about them!

The nearly three-mile hike covered a lot of scenery, mostly open grass and marshland.scene 1

Unfortunately, it was overcast, so the photos aren’t as bright as they might be, but on the other hand, it didn’t rain on us, either.

scene 2

We didn’t see a lot of other people out here, something I thought might change since the underpass to Lakewood Forest Preserve is open, but maybe people don’t want to walk up this way.

Also, that might be different while school is in session, as the east side of the park abuts and connects to the grounds of Fremont Elementary School. I could see tons of field trips coming out into the preserve for science classes.

scene 3As you can see, we didn’t see a lot of forested areas, but it was so green! Very pretty, even under gray skies!

Tomorrow is for the birds!

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