My main reasons for starting this blog were to highlight my photos of Lake County, and to perhaps sell some items off my Zazzle site.

(One out of two isn’t bad!)

To this end, I’ve been working on getting photos of different subjects. In addition to the nature shots, I thought that having different landmarks for each town would be a nice assortment, so I started with the easy things – train stations and water towers.

This is just a few of them, all taken last October.

Vernon Hills

Vernon Hills

Seeing them all together here, it’s strange that they all look different, and echo their communities. Vernon Hills is an upscale, younger, commuting village.

Grayslake - Washington St.

Grayslake – Washington St.

This is one of the newest stations in the county, and with the wild landscaping, emphasizes the natural history of the area.

Fox Lake

Fox Lake

Fox Lake is an historic village, and you could almost see Victorian ladies at its rebuilt train station, originally opened in 1902.



And little Ingleside is an outlying community next to Fox Lake, and its cute little station seems like a perfect fit!

Am I on the right track? Ugh, no pun intended!

What I mean is, is this the direction to go? Commercially, it seems to be the wise choice – no one else is selling images of Lake County, Illinois!

I’m really thinking about folks that have moved away, maybe, who grew up here and want an image they remember.


5 thoughts on “Trackside

  1. I like these pictures, but if what you enjoy is taking pictures of the natural beauty of Lake County, perhaps that’s your calling? The natural life of our region is pretty special. Your posts are teaching something more about it.
    Cook County’s preserves cover some 63,000 acres and are woefully under-appreciated–yet nature is a major attraction in both our counties. How that translates though into profit for you I can’t say. . . . but there are tons of Chicagoans who are taking up birding and many others from all over who might enjoy going on your walks vicariously. . . . maybe there is a way to weave nature into a portrait of everyday life in Lake County? This is the role of nature in my blog. . . .

    • I hadn’t thought of it like that. I thought I might actually be repeating myself – I am starting to see similarities in some of the photos I take. I had originally wanted to start a website with reviews about the preserves, expanding what the District’s site has, but it evolved into this blog.
      I love the natural shots – could take them forever – I sort of wanted to expand my photo skills too.
      Still a work in progress!
      Thanks for the comments, I really appreciate them!

      • You’re welcome–I visited your store and have a better idea of where you’re coming from. . . . blogging is interesting because it has a life of its own, often evolving in ways unforeseen. Seeing patterns in your work is good–the best bloggers discover what they’re best at and stick to it, photographing certain types of subjects frequently and branching out as they discover new strengths, I think.

        One of my models is Mike’s Look at Life, out in Colorado. Perhaps you would like it?

        I look forward to seeing where you go. best of luck,

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