The Long Walk, Epilogue

The river didn't seem low, but the brown grass told another story

The river didn’t seem low here, but the brown grass told another story

What made this hike different from the others last summer?

I think it was because we were walking home, one direction, and we had to complete it. No cutting it short, no walking back to the car. It made it a challenge.

I was glad I did it.

Before the hubby got me out walking, I would convince myself that “I couldn’t walk that far, that’s miles!” And that was after hiking all over Yellowstone a few years ago! I so had it in my head that miles were long and I couldn’t do it.

Then I did it.

Amazing what you can do once you know you can!

So, it was a nice day, a nice walk. I did hit a wall at around five miles or so, before we got off the trail, but fortunately, there was a Dairy Queen in town that we stopped at to cool off and take a breather.

We felt a little weird, all sweaty, disheveled, in hiking boots with backpacks and walking stick (mine). I felt a little better when a Little League team came in after their game. We weren’t the dirtiest ones then.

The final mile was the hardest, even after that break. I was tired, but a good tired, full of the satisfaction of accomplishment.

I’m thinking I might want to try to walk from the border this summer…

Does this one work better like this?

Does this scene work like this?

Or does this one look better?

Or does this one look better?


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