Craft Beer Fest

So, before our walk yesterday, we attended the Grayslake Craft Beer Fest in downtown Grayslake.

Forty-two breweries were supposed to be there, but a couple didn’t make it.

The hubby brews his own, so it was nice to have a festival near us so we could attend. I’m not a drinker, so I got in as a designated driver. He could only manage about eight samples in the few hours we were there, with most of them rating highly.

Oh, and there was live music!Venna

The band was called Venna, a folk rock group, with a fantastic lead singer. Her voice was soft, silky and poignant. Not often do I want a recording of a fest band, but I bought a six-song CD right then, and I think I might buy a full album to download!singer

There were a few food vendors, with the most interesting one being Cacao Sweets & Treats, a new bakery in Grayslake. They had cupcakes made from various beers for sale. I had to try one, out of curiosity. Not being a fan of beer in general, I asked which tasted the least like beer, and they referred me to the Raspberry Wheat, made with Abita Purple Haze and a frosting made with fresh raspberries.

The frosting was yummy, and the cake was not as sweet as I expected, nor as beer-flavored. It was a bit yeasty, though, and not light. It would be good if you wanted just one cupcake, so it would cut down on sweet binging!

lineOverall, the atmosphere was light and friendly. However, they limited entrance to 1,200 people, and had only four port-a-potties onsite. About an hour in, it looked like a quarter of the entries were in line for relief! Part-way through the Venna set, they announced people could re-enter the area, so they could go out and find alternate facilities in the local businesses. Just a slight miscalculation I guess!

So, I tried to get pictures of people, something I don’t normally do. Since the crowd was in such a small area, there weren’t a lot of opportunities for stealth shots, but I did get a couple.


This gentleman kept bantering with the band and did a quick dance of which I caught a couple of steps.


I also saw a few people that gave me an idea for a series:Iphone manUnlikely or Unusual Smartphone Users!

It just seemed odd, with the boots and the jeans and the cigar.

Or maybe it’s just me!


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