A Memory of Childhood

Back in the day, Daily Shoot had an assignment – make a photo to illustrate a childhood memory.

It didn’t take very long for me to pick the one I wanted to do…

When I was young (yes, a very long time ago), weekends were for family activities. One that has always been with me is the afternoon movies on TV.

childhood IMG_4294You see, kiddies, there was a time where you had to wait for a movie to be shown on TV, with commercials, and you were glad!

We would make popcorn, popped in an electric popper,  and mix up Kool-Aid, and settle in around the living room together and take in whatever western or Abbott & Costello or monster movie was being shown that day.

Cherry Kool-Aid and salty popcorn. One of the strongest memories I have, forever linked together in my mind.

Today, with the proliferation of movie channels and on-demand availability, the association with food is lessened, but even a bag of microwave popcorn at the right time can add that little bit of remembered joy to the latest offering on TCM.

Obviously, I had to use orange soda for the shoot, but after? It was almost as good as I remember, as I finished off the props while finishing watching the movie!


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