A Word A Week Challenge – Mountain

The challenge from A Word in Your Ear this week is “Mountain.”

I have a problem. Lake County has no mountains.

The closest we have is a moraine called Gander Mountain, rising 125 feet above the surrounding prairie, an underwhelming 957 feet above sea level and the highest spot in the county. We have taller buildings!

Since I haven’t been to Gander Mountain yet (I want to go in the fall and photograph tree colors), I’m going to take a little creative license and submit an interpretation of mountain.


With some of the huge snowfalls over the past couple of years, the amount of snow that ends up in piles creates the illusion of mountains in miniature. They erode into familiar shapes, molded by sun and wind into ridges and valleys.

The first two here are from a parking lot in 2011, and the others are from my yard this past year.mountain IMG_7431 mountain IMG_7432 Mt Gurnee 2


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