Garden Time

So, checking out one of my garden plots after work tonight, looking to see what was growing (parsley, green onions and last year’s Brussels sprouts are all leafing out), I was more than surprised to see a rabbit.

Well, half a rabbit.

The back half of a rabbit.

In a hole.

In my garden.

So, would a coyote do that? Eat the front half and dig a depression, maybe get interrupted before actually burying the remains?

Or a fox? I’ve seen both in our neighborhood over the years.

I’ll spare you a photo, even though it wasn’t bloody at all, making me think it was killed somewhere else. (Thank you, “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”!) I think I might check to see if it’s still there in a little bit.


Yep, still there…


Now that it’s getting warmer, and staying warm, I’ve got to think about what I want to plant in my gardens.

I like radishes, and lettuce of all kinds does well. The sprouts are already growing (didn’t know they were at least bienniels). I’ll plant green onions again. I’ve got some garlic sprouting – they make small heads but at least they’re free!

And maybe I’ll do tomatoes again…mmm, home-grown tomatoes!


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