And Just For Fun

I was messing around with one of the daffodil photos from the post a couple days ago, and I wondered what it would look like in black and white. You can see the result above. I kinda liked it, with the yellows turning almost white. So I thought I’d look at some of the other flower photos and see what would happen to them?

Sidenote: I think there’s something up with the Reader. When I looked at my post for yesterday, the Reader displayed the gallery I’d used instead of the feature photo, but they were not the three photos from the gallery, they were the first three photos in my media library! Very strange!

pretty pairTurning the photos mono allowed the delicate textures to show up. You don’t really see how wrinkled the cups are on the daffodils until you take out the yellow!






I also cropped some of them a little different, trying to balance out the light and dark.



I tried a couple of hyacinth photos too, but they didn’t seem as dramatic as the daffodils.



These three are actually all the same photo. The large one is the complete image, and the other two are two different crops out of it.

This was the original image

This was the original image, slightly cropped down

crop 2 purplecrop 1 pink

I wanted to see if the different crops gave a different feel. Maybe not.



It might be just me, but it seems like the daffodils get softer and the hyacinths get harder when you take the color out. Maybe you’re just seeing the real flower texture with no color!




And lastly, this shot of a single daffodil. I thought this one came out the best! And there’s a surprise…

big oneWhen I was playing around with settings, this image came up:

I call it "Lit"

I call it “Lit”

Well, I thought it was cool!


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