Spring Flowers – Hyacinths

white giant 1Following up yesterday’s post, today we’ll take a look at the other flowers I’ve planted that are blooming right now.

As I said before, the giant hyacinths are in full bloom, and do they live up to their name! I think this is the largest I’ve seen the white ones, more than a hand’s-breath tall and in full perfume. Lovely!

I have a lot of perennials. I like that I don’t have to plant things every year. I tried to plant things that would bloom in each season, as well as a few coral bells for foliage.

I was very surprised that I saw only a couple weak crocuses this spring. I wonder if the late and warm winter damaged them, or the early spring and hot dry summer last year. The grape hyacinths are doing well, getting ready to bloom, little knobs of lumpy purple.

Almost there!

Almost there!

I almost didn’t get a photo of the squill this year, most of the flowers have withered, but I did get one in the garden proper. There are many escapees out in the yard now. Makes for a nice contrast to the dandelions!squill

I also have anemones blooming. I had planted a couple, but the first year, only one scraggly flower came up. Through the years, more have made an appearance, and it looks like this year I’ve got at least 3 good, strong flowers.

Is it one flower per plant, or do they all come from one root system?

Is it one flower per plant, or do they all come from one root system?

The next things that should bloom are the little red tulips, which don’t seem to hang around long. Something likes to eat them.

Let’s finish off with a couple of detail shots of the giant hyacinths, just for fun!


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