Wild Water Life

As we were walking over the Washington Street bridge Saturday, marveling at the drop in flood waters, we had a bit of a surprise.beaverA beaver swam out from under the bridge, heading north! It was following the west bank of the floodplain, so they must have found someplace to wait out the high water. That was a good start to the day!

After taking some shots for the comparison post, I wanted to get some other, more arty shots (photodork! I know!).

I wanted some shots of the water on the trail, but I saw the hubby focus on something with his video camera. I snuck up slowly, not wanting to scare off what he was shooting.

What it was was a little sandpiper of some sort, wandering in the shallows. I thought it might be a spotted sandpiper (well, that was the only one I know by name), but upon further research, it became a new bird for me:

A solitary sandpiper being, well, solitary

A solitary sandpiper being, well, solitary

There were a lot of little birds flying around, and I kept trying to get their picture. Since there were a lot of branches around, I had to use manual focus, and by the time I’d get a focus, the bird would have moved. Argh!

I did manage a couple good shots out of all of them, and it turns out that they were all the same kind of bird! Yellow-rumped warblers, males and females, moving through the area, heading north for breeding.

warbler 1 warbler 2

We headed to the Des Plaines River Trail at the reopened Kilbourne access, but more on that tomorrow! The feature photo was taken there, showing the beavers were having a good time at the high water mark!


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