100 Posts…and More!

The Daily Prompt for today is to make a list. Any list, for any reason.

So, fortunately, today just happens to correspond with – dun dun daaa

my 100th post!

Now being a notorious and consistent procrastinator, to have done anything 100 times in a row is more than fantastic, it’s almost a miracle!

In that vein, let’s see what kind of list I can come up with-

Things I’ve Done 100 Times in a Row:

1. Posted to WordPress.

2. – uhhh

2. – umm *tap tap tap*

Let’s try again-

Things in My Life that Number 100 or More: (That’s it! Yes!)

1. Posts on WordPress

Some I've read, a lot I haven't

Some I’ve read, a lot I haven’t

2. Books I haven’t read on my Kindle

3. Real books I own and haven’t read

4. Thousands of miles on my Jimmy

5. Years my family has owned a certain piece of land in Hamilton, Illinois (123 this year, and my mom lives there now – awesome!)

6. Relatives I’ve found doing genealogy (more than 400 for sure, many more to be discovered!)

7. DVDs. Actually, many multiples of DVDs – curse you, DVR!

8. VHS tapes. Many multiples of these too, but not as nearly as many as DVDs. We had more years to record stuff, but the tapes were more expensive, there were less channels to record, and we could only record one thing at a time! Curse you, DVR!

9. CDs and, by extension, songs, now converted to my iPod. I’ve been able to load all my CDs to my little device, with much room to spare.

And a great percentage of the photos I've taken are of clouds!

And a great percentage of the photos I’ve taken are of clouds!

10. Photos I’ve taken. Actually, many thousands of photos. I don’t think I have 100,000 digital, even though I’ve rolled over the photo count on both my cameras several times, but if you count all the film in my life? Maybe so!

This is just the start – I left out the obvious ones (days I’ve been married, stars I can see in the sky, hairs on my head, etc.), but these are the first that came to mind.

What does that say about me?

I’ll think about that later, Top Gear is on!

Tomorrow, back to the tour!


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