A Word a Week Challenge – Old

OK, so maybe I’m cheating a little recently, posting blogs in answer to challenges instead of my own topics, but I’m not getting out to take pictures (it’s been cloudy/rainy for what seems like a month), and I have some archive photos that will work.

So sue me.

Anyway, today’s post is in response to A Word in Your Ear’s challenge, with Old being the topic of the week.

Working as an amateur genealogist with delusions of going pro, the first thing that came to mind were tombstones and the one of the oldest ones I have here in Lake County is this one:

Sorry about the quality - it's a scan. I need to get out again with my Sony

Sorry about the quality – it’s a scan. I need to get out again with my Sony

It is the marker of an ancestor of my husband, Casper Zahnle, an early German settler in the Deerfield/Highland Park area. He lived there nearly his whole long life, 1820-1899. The marker is in Mooney Cemetery in Deerfield, next to his mother and several other relatives.

The next shot is from the Cook House in Libertyville, which I wrote about before. This is one of the wedding dresses from the turn of the last century, complete with shoes and parasol, all antiques.SONY DSC

Is the portrait of the owner? Probably not, but it’s also from the era.

My third shot is also from a previous posting – it’s a remnant of the North Shore Line, an electric train line that used to run in the county.SONY DSC

It is part of the structure that would hold the lines to supply power to the trains, repurposed to holding power lines for the area.

Finally, the feature photo today is something I took in Antioch. I was surprised it wasn’t totally buried – I mean, how long has it been since pull tabs were obsolete?

So there we are, another post done. Thank you for your attention!

As a sidenote, there have been more than 1000 likes on my posts. Thanks to all for that!


9 thoughts on “A Word a Week Challenge – Old

  1. Come out to Knopf cemetery on the Lake County side of Buffalo Grove. I am caretaker for this small cemetery which dates back to 1850. We will have a Memorial day ceremony on Memorial day, the 27th of May from 11am to 12 noon. Or contact the writer and I will open the gate for you. I enjoy your photos.

  2. Hi. I just did a search online for relatives of my great grandma from Lake Forest and this popped up. This might have been the grandfather or father of Catherine Zahnle Dewey. Very cool. Catherine and Mathew lived in a now historic home in Lake Forest near train tracks. Thanks for the photo.

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