Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Textures

This week is our last week of this grouping of shapes and textures.  This week is all about textures:  anything that would be fun or interesting to touch and feel.

An interesting topic!

I’ve picked some older photos out of my archives. I wanted to get this one done in time!

I’m not sure many fall under the touching category, but I thought they were interesting to look at.

The feature image is the burned stump of an maple in my backyard.
This first one was taken in Vernon Hills, sparkles under a fountain. I like it in B&W:
texture VHDY110716-IMG_9650

I like the abstract quality of this one:
texture WATR110812-IMG_4131

Lettuce can be interesting!
texture GREN11082-IMG_6723

Warning! This last one could be disturbing, but it needed to be in color!

You have been warned!

texture TOMA110917-IMG_7558

Tomato rot! It just lost impact without the color.

If you want to check out other challenges, visit Cee’s blog.


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