The hubby got out early today, so we took a short walk at Greenbelt in Waukegan. It was so nice, and sunny, and above freezing!

It was in the western portion, a mile loop around a small lake.

At least, on the map, it was around a lake. In actuality, there were two, one on the outside of the path. We saw that one first.

After the joys of waterfowl at Independence Grove last weekend, we thought maybe something unusual was hiding in this secluded waterhole.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t true. Only Canada geese and mallards.


It wasn’t unusual wildlife we saw, but unusual wildlife behavior!

As many geese are in the area year-round, this was the first time I’d seen males fighting!

Love birds!

Love birds!

It wasn’t over yet!

The defender went on the offensive, chasing off the would-be suitor.

The victor chased his victim all the way across the pond. The poor thing tried flying off, swimming off, even dove underwater a couple of times. Finally, he jumped up on the shore to get away.

And to the victor belongs the spoils…SONY DSC

and the bragging!


4 thoughts on “Twitterpated

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    • I was thinking that they’re pairing off now, at least these ones. He came back to the same goose and they would do that neck bending display to each other. Then he would chase off a couple of other ones around. The rivals eventually swam off.

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