Cloudy Day

I thought I might make today’s post about clouds. At least, that was the starting point.

Now, though, it’s more of a study of one day. August 7, 2011, to be precise.

It’s not too often that I get an extensive series of cloud photos throughout an afternoon (2:30-6:30), so this is noteworthy, just for that.

clouds 110807-IMG_3932Also, every one of these is different. And that wasn’t all of them!clouds 110807-IMG_3947
I love to capture rays and shadows!
clouds 110807-IMG_3975
I don’t remember if it actually rained at all, but the clouds sure look like storms were moving through.
clouds 110807-IMG_3987

And then there was sunset:

clouds 110807-IMG_3992The best part about summer? The clouds are so much more dynamic and dramatic!

I can’t wait!


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