Grant Woods 3: Return of the Vista

SONY DSCSONY DSCI mentioned in the first post about Grant Woods, that I thought it might be my favorite forest preserve.

The biggest reason? That within its 1200 acres, it encompasses just about every non-mountain habitat you can think of, from the tamarack bog to savanna to evergreen forest, and others in between. It’s like having a bunch of national parks, all in one!

As you walk north through the underpass to the north section, you walk past open prairie scenes.

SONY DSCThese work into oak forests. This created a nice shaded path after the open sunny walk.

SONY DSCSONY DSCThe biggest surprise on this hike? Coming around the northern curve of the north loop and walking into a tall stand of evergreens.

I felt like I had just stepped back to New England! You just don’t see wild fir trees here, and not that tall!

I loved it!
And an extra bonus is a short woodchip trail, with such a thick canopy that it was dark and cool.SONY DSC

I can’t wait to go back again this summer!


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