Rollins Savanna 2

Continuing from yesterday

SONY DSCAbout a mile in, just past the silver trees, there is a little side loop,with a bridge over Mill Creek (highlighted here). On this creek, there was a large family of mallards. Even though we had stopped on the bridge, they swam toward us and would’ve come closer, but a lady walked up with a dog and Mama turned the whole troop around, hiding them in the cattails.SONY DSC

We walked on, and came across a huge fallen oak branch (feature photo). The twisty, non-linear look to it just fascinated me, and I tried to capture its essence, but I’m not sure I did. I’ll have to keep trying!

A little further on, I could see some white figures in a tree ahead. Knowing how skittish egrets and herons are, we crept slowly closer to get their picture. And this is where a problem that I was aware of made itself known.

Sidebar – How I got my camera:

When my kids said they would buy me a camera for Christmas, I was so excited and did a lot of online research. I took a lot of stuff into account, and actually bypassed the two big names. I didn’t want or need to shoot video, I just wanted a good camera, so I wanted to get a Pentax. I thought it might be easier to get lenses, since the film body lenses would fit. Well, I couldn’t find any place that actually had a model I could touch and hold. My last stop was Wolf Camera (now gone) and the clerk suggested the Sony Alpha 55. That was one I hadn’t thought about, but it felt good in my small hand, so I went home and checked it out. Camera of the Year 2010! That pretty much sold me, and the other criteria were fairly good. The only bad thing? It has a translucent mirror which has a tendency to ‘ghost’ white, bright items. I didn’t think that would be a problem at the time, but bright white birds in the sun have a tendency to not be in focus. Learning to get around that!

When we got closest, this was the last egret in the tree

When we got closest, this was the last egret in the tree

Back to the walk!

There were five birds in the tree when we first saw it, but they went away one by one. The last one pulled some poses for me, so I did manage to get a couple decent shots – far away, but decent.

It looks like I may have to continue this again.

Tomorrow – a ribbon-winning photo!

A wildflower, don't know what. Anyone?

A wildflower, don’t know what. Anyone?


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