The Seasons – Crabapple Style

I have two crabapple trees in my front yard, two different varieties.

The flowers are different, the fruits are different, and they look different in the fall. My husband semi-jokingly threatens to chop one or both down, but I totally seriously say no.

I love the spring, when they both explode in whitish pink blossoms, looking like a continuation of winter for a few days.capple CRAB120324-1259

The summer brings the fruits, one reddish, one golden brown. Birds and squirrels both enjoy them. SONY DSC

The trees greet fall by slowly undressing, losing green outside in.capple 111010-IMG_8915

The winter blankets them softly, accenting each dark branch against the white.capple 120229 IMG_0857

And this is one of my all-time favorite shots! There were tons of honeybees on the blooms and I tried to get their pictures, but they would move off or weren’t in focus – always something wrong. Except for this one. I was shooting it and just before the autofocus locked, she lifted off the flower. I saw this, and said “I’m done!” Bee GURN110510 IMG_0673


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