Nice Beaver

Aw, not that kind!

I’ve been wanting to get a good shot of the beavers, ever since I saw them last fall on the Des Plaines River. Now that the river is running high, the couple I’ve seen by the bridge must have different setting spots than where I’d seen them before.

I took a walk today, looking for good snow pictures (what else?). Passing over the bridge, I didn’t see them on the hike in. Disappointed, I continued to the day’s destination.

On the way out, however, it was another story. I stopped on the bridge and was just looking, not ready to shoot anything. There were a pair of mallards swimming downstream, so I got ready to shoot them as they passed, making interesting ripples in the sun. They went around the bend, and I saw ripples heading upstream. At first I thought it might be more ducks, then it looked like something ducked under a submerged branch. And there it was, one of the beavers! It took up shelter under a branch, totally shaded, so shots of it are all dark. Darn!

So I looked back upstream, and surprise! Here comes a V-shaped wake straight at me, caused by – another beaver! They hadn’t left!

He stopped and checked me out

He stopped and checked me out

This one swam on towards the bridge, ending up at a new grooming spot next to the bridge. I was shooting like crazy! I thought for sure I’d get the dreaded “Memory Card Full” at any moment, but I was lucky and got all I could.

He climbed out of the water and stopped for a moment. I think he was wondering what I was doing, hanging over the edge of the bridge like that. He didn’t seem comfortable, so he ambled back into the river and swam under the bridge.

He held here for a couple of seconds, then went back into the water

He held here for a couple of seconds, then went back into the water

I took a step to the other side, crunching the snow, and heard a sound like a large branch snapping. Then just saw huge ripples from both sides of the bridge. I knew what had happened. That tailslap was louder than I would have thought. I didn’t see him again, but the other one was still under the log as I left.

But I did get these shots and some others too!


I really like the feature picture today, not just because of the beaver, but the ripples and reflections almost make it an abstract photo. Too cool!


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