An Answer to Forbes

I wouldn’t normally do this, since I want to keep this a photo blog, but I feel I must address a huge insult from Forbes Magazine.

It seems that Forbes has listed Lake County, Illinois on its “America’s Most Miserable Cities 2013” list.

The description from the Forbes website:

#9 Lake County, Ill.

The Chicago suburb is one of the richest counties in the U.S., as measured by per capita income. But home prices are down 29% over the past 5 years. Other drawbacks: long commutes and lousy weather.

Metra in Round Lake

Metra in Round Lake

Besides the fact that it is a COUNTY, not a CITY, I’m not at all sure that any part of our county deserves to be on the same list as Detroit, Flint, or St. Louis. Waukegan, the county seat, does have its problems, but I don’t think we are looking at rampant poverty or crime as in, say, Chicago (all four cities are on the list).

And the “other drawbacks”?

“Long commutes”? The commutes have gotten better since they finished adding a lane to the Tri-State and improvements ongoing throughout the county are aimed at easing congestion.

“Lousy weather”? What a crock!! Obviously, the writer (and I use that word loosely) has never even researched anything about Lake County!

There are too many good things in the county to counteract the “drawbacks”. Granted, we have had our share of foreclosures (just look at the classifieds each week), but some of those homes have been resold and are occupied.

We have a magnificent forest preserve district, holding land open and restoring habitats and wetlands.

We are a dynamic county, with different focuses in different areas. The southeast expands the North Shore of Chicago. The southwest is more rural, with farms and subdivisions. The northwest focuses on the Chain O’ Lakes and the Fox River, with boating and fishing the main activities. The northeast, where I am, is a little more developed east to Lake Michigan, but is horse farms and open land north to the Wisconsin border.

Lake Bluff Village Hall

Lake Bluff Village Hall

A miserable place to live? I don’t think so! And neither do these people!

OK that is a link to the paper I work for, but still!

And yes, they used my photo of Nippersink Forest Preserve on the front page! Cool!Nippersink lakes

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