Dreaming of Spring

flowers IMG_2244As the temperature plunges to single digits tonight, with the first (I think) negative wind chills of the season, I’m cold. And more snow is coming. So we’re going warm with today’s post.

These were taken in May 2011, and I believe they were at a Store-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named. There was a large group of garden display tables outside. I felt a little weird taking pictures at a store, and I thought the few clerks I saw were watching me, but my inner photodork would not be denied!

At least it was outside – I could imagine getting tackled if I dared to take indoor shots!

So enjoy – I am! Just going through them to post today, I feel warmer already!

How many can you name?

(Did you ever go through photos and A. think whoever took them was not half bad and B. not remember taking them?)flowers IMG_2221 flowers IMG_2227flowers IMG_2219flowers IMG_2231  flowers IMG_2239flowers IMG_2247flowers IMG_2249


One thought on “Dreaming of Spring

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