Places of Worship – St. Demetrios

St Dem IMG_3669Since I take pictures of things in Lake County, I decided I didn’t want to limit myself to just nature (even though if I could, I probably would).

There are interesting buildings, or classes of buildings, that would be worth shooting. Train stations are one, at least the historic ones.

Churches are another. I could probably list off several that I drive past all the time, and they all would be different denominations.

This one is St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church in Libertyville, Illinois. When I first moved to Gurnee in 1999, this was an empty field with a sign – “Future Home of St. Demetrios”. It seemed to stay that way for years. Then suddenly, building started and this beautiful edifice was erected in what seemed like no time.

Each year, they hold a Greekfest, with ethnic food and music. A good time for the culinary adventurer for a not unreasonable price.

The reason I’m posting this one first? It’s the first one I’ve tried to get with different lighting. The roof glows in the sun. I have almost captured it in these photos: St Dem IMG_3711St Dem IMG_3715

The clouds behind them are the edge of Hurricane Isaac last September, one of the few Gulf hurricanes to make it all the way north to us. The color worked to bring out the roof, and I liked the flow in the clouds too. I’d like to get something like these with the angle in the reflection photo above, so I still have some work to do.

The feature photo was during a particularly colorful sunset, which made the building very bright.

If you’re curious about the church, check out their website at

I am not promoting this or any church – it is just a beautiful building!


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