We just got 9 inches of snow today, dumped over the last 12 hours.

Unfortunately, I got home late (traffic! you’d think it was snowing or something), so I wasn’t able to get any good photos today. I may take a walk around tomorrow, to see if anything looks cool.

So that leaves me with nothing to post today. What to do, what to do…

Sun Teasels

Sun Teasels

OK, so it’s a walk I took in August, next to the ever-present Des Plaines River. We were in the midst of a drought at this time, and I wanted to see how low the river was. It was down a bit, I could see that from the tree in the featured photo, flowing below where the roots would be submerged.

At one point, I found this collection of items in the water, so I took it as part of my “Abandoned” collection. I’m also wondering about the cropping. Still learning – doing this blog is forcing me to do that!

Better in color?

Better in color?

Better in black and white?

Better in black and white?

These were from the start of the walk, so there will be more of this walk in a future post.


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