And, cue snow!

Snow fell last night!

Only an inch or so, but enough to get me out walking at Rollins Savanna. It was interesting to see sights that I’d seen a couple of months ago in a new outfit.

And it was sunny, so it made photos nicer, too. Had a chance to fool around with my polarizer too, working out the limitations.

The polarizer brought out the sky

The polarizer brought out the sky

I parked at the Drury Road entrance, to get to a certain area quicker. It allowed me to go up to the observation area. I was curious whether the lake had frozen, and if anything was out there, but it was frozen over. The snow had been blown around on it, too, making what looked like wave patterns.

Looking for Spring

Looking for Spring

I saw a small amount of wildlife – squirrels, juncos, chickadees, woodpeckers, and (very surprising) robins. I even saw a bluebird (I think) and some sort of raptor that I haven’t identified yet.

There were signs of others – small tracks that I think were mice and shrews. It was hard to tell if any of the canine tracks I saw were coyote, but a ranger that passed me said they were around.

Shrew tunnels and tracks

Shrew tunnels and tracks

I managed to find many things to take photos of, so I think tomorrow will be a Part 2!


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