What, No Clouds?

Anyone who knows me, knows I take pictures of clouds. Lots of pictures. Of clouds.

My husband rolls his eyes at me. “They’re clouds, right? In the sky? Again?”

See how the two layers are perpendicular? Cool!

See how the two layers are perpendicular? Cool!

However, despite the ribbing, I do enjoy them. They are always different, even from one moment to the next.

Naturally, it did help that my office was on the second floor – facing west! Is that not the best exposure ever??

I haven’t checked, but it is possible that I have a cloud photo for every day of the year (not in one year – more on that later), spread out over a couple of years.

One of my favorite shots ever is of a supercell storm at sunset in South Dakota – bright blue above and shocking orange below! (You’ll have to wait for me to start an Images of America blog for my non-Lake County photos!)

I call this "Galaxy Cloud"! Guess why!

I call this “Galaxy Cloud”! Guess why!

Anyway, what I’m trying to get to is, it’s been more than two weeks since I started this blog, and I have yet to post a cloud picture! I know, right?

I thought I might just pop up a couple today, since I have to post early anyway. These are some of what I consider my best – I’ve even made a screensaver slideshow out of my favorites. Some of them even got published in a local newspaper, the Lake County Journal (full disclosure – I work for them, but it was the editor’s idea, not mine).

So here we are. Oh, why don’t I get a shot every day? I consider it a small victory I am still posting every day, after two weeks! Usually, something would’ve come up by now or I would’ve come up with some excuse not to keep going. I’m really bad at starting habits! I know there are many out there taking pictures every day (I’m following a few), and that is eventually my goal, but for now, if I can post every day? Score!

I only got two shots of this formation before it was gone.

I only got two shots of this formation before it was gone.

P.S. And if you want to see someone who’s on his FOURTH year of a cloud shot EVERY DAY, check out Kelly DeLay at www.clouds365.com. He takes submissions, too. I’ve dropped a couple there in the past.


2 thoughts on “What, No Clouds?

  1. Rock on! I LOVE clouds, too. I almost can’t stand how much I love them, I want to have a view 24/7. And it is amazing I haven’t crashed into anything looking at them. (Or tripped and fallen). My kids can attest to the, “Mom, do we have to?,” whenever I say, “OMG, let’s go- look at the sky!” But then they always have fun. ;-)Keep up the good work! I look forward to MORE!

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