I’ve begun the long process of going through old photos, running them through Aperture to file and add metadata to them. I’ve got digital photos going back to 2007.

Ahhh! Don’t mention film! I’ve got them going back nearly 40 years and don’t even want to think about digitizing them yet!

I came across these, the best of a small group, but not great. I’d read an email about how to get a starfield as a background – you shine light on the object you want highlighted during a long exposure – and I had to try it right away.Exp 101109-8480

The tree is one of my big maples, and you can just make out Orion through the branches. The lighter one is a 15-second exposure and the other is 13, but I think the lighting time was also different on each. They are from Nov. 2010, so forgive my memory lapse! I turned on my backyard light partway through the exposure time.

Obviously, I’m going to have to try this again, but I’ll wait for warmer weather.

I’m also curious how good Flashlight would work as a light source for this effect – maybe on small items?


4 thoughts on “Experimentation

    • Thanks! Too bad I can’t take credit! lol! The photographer I got the idea from had taken a long exposure at Arches NP (maybe?), getting a starfield behind one of the arches, lighting it with a flashlight. It looked so cool I had to try it! Of course, now I don’t now where I saw it!

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