I generally don’t like to set up shots (I like the “found” images I can, well, find), but when I saw bags of small gourds in the-store-that-shall-not-be-named this past fall, I couldn’t help but see the potential.

So many colors! So many textures!

Even the flaws had interest

Even the flaws had interest

I let them stew in the back of my mind, trying to come up with the best arrangement.

I knew I wanted to use the sun as lighting. Naturally, as soon as I decided that, it was overcast for a week!

Then came a day in November – the clouds cleared, the sun shone, it wasn’t freezing!

I used huge leaves off my again-unsuccessful broccoli as a backdrop, laying them down like a blanket over some tall grass in a nest-like bowl.

Ready for your close-up?

Ready for your close-up?



I tried several arrangements and focus points, but nothing really seemed to click (no pun intended). I even shot individual glamor shots of the gourds, seeing if I could capture what I felt.

Oddly enough, it was during these single shots I “found” the shot I was looking for – the way I’d piled the gourds when moving them!

So, with all the effort to make a shot, I found one anyway!

gourds final

The shot – FOUND!


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