Only one picture today, but it is intriguing on its own.

Nine full yogurts stacked neatly on the steps of a boarded up business next to a busy street.

What is the story behind this?



Left on a road, fallen off a truck, the box broke open. A single object rolled away and was lost, crushed by passing traffic.

A boy picked up the box, happy with his prize. He sat on the stairs and took out the objects, stacking them neatly to one side, eleven in all. His target empty, he stuck one of the contents in his pocket. He ran home with the box, dreaming of his future constructions.

A girl, walking her dog, watched the boy run away. Curious, she walked to the steps and saw what he had left. Needing a science experiment, she tucked one into a pocket and continued on her walk.

Sundown, and a photographer walks by, catching the story midway through. What would the future hold?


Well, it could’ve happened this way…


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