Nippersink Forest Preserve

Geese landingNippersink Forest Preserve is one of the smaller ones in Lake County, right off Rt. 120 in Round Lake.

It has two lakes (manmade) and other wetlands. A large portion of it was a campground purchased by the county in 2004.

We made this walk in August, at the height of our summer drought. The shorelines were obviously low, and the ducks and geese were sharing smaller areas of open water. You can see the algae in the photo.

Annual CicadaWe also were in the middle of the annual cicada hatch, and ran across one on the ground. I thought it was dying or already dead, but as I took pictures, it started to move. I still managed to grab some good close shots like this one, which will probably end up in a calendar.

We didn’t see a lot of different birds, but American goldfinches were feeding on the thistle seedheads all over.

I don’t know if it is because we got out to where they were, or if it is reality, but I’ve seen so many goldfinches this past year – way more than I can remember. They were in nearly every preserve we went to this year.Goldfinches in thistleWe’ll have to go again this year and see if that count is right!

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