Swanson & Trigg

By my house, there is a creek that runs through a protected area   Snow 110118-4027  known as the Swanson & Trigg Conservation Area. The creek drains into the Des Plaines River about a mile away.

The area extends north and south through the subdivision, dividing the east and west sides in an annoying (to drivers) manner. Only one road crosses the creek, leaving several split roads. It’s a pain, but does cut down on speed demons and cut-throughs!

This area is allowed to grow wild, except for the maintained trail and bridges. There are lots of wildflowers throughout the year, and they make for some interesting winter shots, as well.

Snow 110118-4028

These are from almost exactly two years ago, the last real winter we had here.

I like taking walks through the area in all seasons, but there is one thing I am concerned about.Snow 110118-4013

There is a lot of brush and deadwood building up in the area, and if we have another summer like the last, it won’t take too much for it to all go up.Snow 110118-4025

So I wonder, who do I ask?


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